We regularly arrange different community events and projects in the Gokarneshwor region to raise awareness about important topics and to support a sustainable development through environmental protection, health promotion and education.  



Together with our partner organization Long Yang e.V,  Akasha Academy NGO has been supporting a sustainable development in Nepal through various projects in the areas of environmental protection, health promotion, education and emergency aid.

Reforestation and nature restoration


In June 2023, we started a collaboration with ANSAB – Asia Network of Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources and the Municipality of Gokarneshwor, with the aim to restore damaged public land and raise awareness in the local community in Suntakhan about the importance of reforestation and nature conservation.

The project kicked off on the World Environment Day – 5th of June 2023 – when 108 fruit and nut trees were planted on public land in Suntakhan together with members of the community.

Tree and Bamboo Planting


In cooperation with Green Bamboo Creation, 600 bamboo seedlings were planted in Suntakhan with the aim to fight deforestation, stabilize the land and educate locals about the benefits of planting Green Bamboo. Many locals from Sunthakhan were employed to help in the plantation and also many volunteers also participated in the plantation on the occasion of Wold Environment Day 2022. In the previous years, other tree planting activities have been realized together with the local schools.

Water Restoration


Since the former water supply for many neighbourhoods was completely destroyed by the earthquakes in 2015, we provided new earthquake-proof facilities to establish a stable supply of clean drinking water to households in Suntakhan, Gokaneshwor region and Chammati, Gorkha region.

Winter School Uniforms


For several years in a row, Akasha Academy NGO has provided warm winter school uniforms for students in the Gokarneshwor region. In 2023/2024 Akasha Academy NGO distributed a total of 950 winter uniforms to 7 different schools.

Covid-19 Training


A thorough Covid-19 training was arranged to help students from Suntakhan, as well as medical staff from a local health post, to better understand the virus and its effects, and to learn how to reduce its spread through the application of hygiene measures. The participants were also taught how to share their knowledge in their communities.

Sewing Training For Women


Around 30 women received a sewing and tailoring training. In a comprehensive 3-month vocational training, a professional tailor shared her knowledge with the women. The aim of the project was to increase their career perspectives, help them earn their own income, and become more independent.

Akasha Handmade


The brand “Akasha Handmade” was created to further support the graduates from the sewing training. The aim was to find a way for them to make a living though their new skills and to help them gain further professional development in the field of sewing and tailoring. The products can be purchased now in Germany and all over Europe

food packages delivered to people in need

Covid -19 Relief


Akasha Academy supplied food and hygiene products for 450 families during the Covid -19. In addition to that, the families received information about Covid-19 and how to apply hygiene rules in order to create a higher awareness for protection.

Earthquake Relief


Akasha Academy supplied food, water, medicine, clothes and shelter as emergency aid after the earthquake. We also supported the reconstruction of a school in Suntakhan, which helped 180 children of the village to be able to go back to school.