Areas of Work

We have been offering high-quality education programs and sustainable projects in the field education, environmental protection, health promotion and women empowerment in Nepal since 2012.
Through the interdisciplinary approach based on Universal Ethics, our aim is to show how everything is connected and how all of our actions have an impact on each other and our environment.


The aim of Akasha Education is to create conditions for young people from diverse backgrounds to find their path in life and give them the necessary tools to face the current challenges globally and locally.


The aim of Akasha Health is to provide a safe space for women, increase awareness about a healthy lifestyle and provide health services for the people in the communities.



Protecting nature is an essential part of our education programs and we also arrange projects regularly to fight deforestation. In addition to that, our headquarters in Suntakhan serves as an example of sustainable land planning and architecture, agriculture and awareness throughout the region.