About Us

Akasha Academy NGO was initiated in 2012 by the Buddhist Master Practitioner Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche. Since then we have been creating a lasting positive impact by practically applying Universal Ethics through our work in education, environmental protection, health promotion and female empowerment. Our headquarters are located in Suntakhan,  right next to Shivapuri National Park. 

Our Vision

Akasha Academy NGO Nepal is a part of the larger vision to establish Akasha Academies worldwide to create pathways for the future of our planet – by the practical application of Universal Ethics.

Universal Ethics


1. Resources of life:

"We all breathe the same air, we drink the same water and walk the same earth."

2. Unity in Diversity:

The natural elements are the foundation of all existence, which is what all beings share - no matter what species they belong to, beyond caste, nation, religion or color of skin.

3. Interdependence:

All of existence is interlinked: Everything is part of a system of mutually dependent regulatory cycles provided by nature. Consequently human actions affect each other.

4. Common ground:

The facts of life provide interdependence as foundation of all existence. The undeniable universal common ground, which has to be acknowledged by everyone.

5. The Art of Balance...

...is the practical application of Universal Ethics. Employing common ground to facilitate co-existence and survival of humanity.

Who We Are

Our members from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds are equally working together for the common good. We work closely together with an international team dedicated to the development of Akasha Academy.


So far, we are present at two locations – in Suntakhan (Nepal) and in Munich (Germany). Our headquarters are located on the North-Eastern outskirts of Kathmandu, bordering the Shivapuri National Park. 

Our Headquarters in Suntakhan

Currently our headquarters consist of a training center for our education program “Akasha Traineeship“, an office, as well as accommodation for staff and volunteers. Next year, a facility for physical education and a student housing will be built. As our activities grow, more buildings will be established to realize our vision.

Our headquarters in Suntakhan will be a flagship project of sustainability – respecting the elements of nature and applying sustainable land planning, organic farming, architecture and water management.

Our partners

Long Yang e.V. is our partner organization based in  Germany that we have been realizing projects together with for over 10 years.

We are collaborating with Circus Kathmandu to provide high-quality acrobatics training for the students of Akasha Traineeship.

Kokroma is a child clothing brand that supports women artisans. Akasha Academy Nepal and Kokroma support each others work. 

We are working together with NMSS to organize Health Camps to provide free health services for the people in the community.

We are collaborating with Green Bamboo Creation to build sustainably on our land in Suntakhan and realized a project together to fight deforestation.