Akasha Life - Social business

Akasha Life is a social business with the purpose to sustain life. To achieve this, all our products and services aim to use the resources in a balanced way.

To inspire positive change, Akasha Life establishes sustainable entities like the Artisan Bakery that offer healthy products or services and simultaneously care for the natural resources. At the same time, it creates job opportunities and perspectives for young people in Nepal.


Like the Akasha Academy NGO, Akasha Life contributes to the vision of the White Lama Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche to create pathways for the future of our planet.

Protecting the resources of life

Profits of the social business support projects of Akasha Academy in the fields of education, environmental protection, health promotion and women empowerment.

women gathered together to plant an almond tree seedling

Akasha Artisan Bakery

Akasha Artisan Bakery is part of the social business Akasha Life. Its main goal is to support a healthy nutrition by offering a variety of high quality baked goods.